On Monday, the stock market of Japan concluded up because of the ascending sectors of the chemical, crude industry, finances, investment, not to mention the pulp and paper industry.

The Nikkei 225 managed to rally by up to 1.37% on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Among the elements of the Nikkei 225 index the top notch performers included equities of Olympus Corp that ascended by 5.35% concluding at 4.230.0. Stocks of Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd managed to ascend by 4.86% coming up with a reading of 4.382.0. As for Paper Denso Corp., its stocks tacked on by 4.83% being worth 5.621.0.

The main losers were represented by equities of Yahoo Japan Corp., whose price went down by 1.78% concluding the trading marathon at 386.5. Stocks of Toshiba Corp. gained 1.65% getting to 298.5, while Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd dived 1.33% demonstrating a reading of 4.243.0.

On the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the total number of equities, which rallied (2504) beat the number of losers (901). Simultaneously, the shares of 161 shares didn’t change at all.

In addition to this, stocks of Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd reached a 52-week minimum, losing 1.33% concluding at 4.243.0.

The volatility index of the Nikkei Volatility, built around the basis of the options trading options on the Nikkei 225, headed south 4.10% showing 16.39.

July delivery WTI futures managed to ascend 0.24% hitting $65.97 per barrel. August delivery Brent futures rallied by 0.07% reaching $76.84 per barrel. As for August delivery gold futures, they went down by nearly 0.12% showing $1.297.70 per troy ounce.

In the Forex market, the currency pair USD/JPY edged down by about 0.01% trading at 109.52, the currency pair EUR/JPY managed to acquire 0.38% showing 128.20.

Additionally, futures on the USD index edged down 0.30% demonstrating 93.88.


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