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Casino sold 1.5 billion euros of assets in seven months

Disposals continue for Casino …. according to its strategic plan. After announcing Saturday the sale of six hypermarkets among the worst performers to Leclerc members, the distribution group has signed an agreement with funds managed by Fortress to sell 26… Continue Reading →

Schoolmouv raises 2.5 million euros to become the "Netflix of education"

Schoolmouv does not stop growing. This educational platform was designed in 2013 by Shannon Picardo at the age of 17. While reviewing for the baccalaureate, he can not afford private lessons and decides to create a video site for the… Continue Reading →

A move bonus will reach 1,000 euros, Amazon fires a yellow vest to call for blocking …

The figure of the day: 1,000 euros. This is the amount of a "moving premium" that can be paid to employees living more than 30 kilometers from their place of work and wishing to get closer. There will be no… Continue Reading →

The pot of support to the police forces exceeds 160,000 euros

The battle of the jackpots is launched. On the one hand, the supporters of Christophe Dettinger, former boxer accused of hitting police last Saturday. On the other, the support of the police. Renaud Muselier, LR president of the Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur… Continue Reading →

A 2-euro coin on sale for 80,000 euros on eBay

Be careful and take a look in your wallet. A piece of two euros could perhaps bring you big. Greek coins worth 2 euros have a special sign: an "S" in the middle of the bottom star. A rare feature… Continue Reading →

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