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the nice tax check that you will receive on January 15th

A deposit of 60% of the bonus received the previous year: this is what will prevent every January 15 taxpayers receiving credits or tax cuts called "recurring". Before receiving the balance of 40%, in September of each year there too… Continue Reading →

this new check that will help you adapt your accommodation

It's an "ambitious" investment plan that Julien Denormandie came to present this Thursday morning in the premises of Action Logement. After several weeks of consultations, the social partners unanimously approved a € 9 billion plan for housing and employee mobility…. Continue Reading →

check if you are a new beneficiary

It was an announcement of the President of the Republic in early December, the amount of the activity premium has increased. The latter has been extended to more beneficiaries since this Tuesday, January 1st. It was one of Emmanuel's responses… Continue Reading →

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