Who is Cyrille Bolloré, Vincent's appointed successor?


In 2015 and 2017, Challenges met Cyrille Bolloré, today appointed to take over from his father. We are republishing most of these two articles.

Vincent Bolloré had his eyes on the year 2022. Precisely, Thursday, February 17. The billionaire boss had planned to take his bow at this precise date, that of the bicentenary of the group. That day, on the eve of his 70th birthday, he would entrust the reins of the company to the next generation. The seventh.

He will not have waited until 2022. At 66, Vincent Bolloré has just named his son Cyrille, 33, boss of transport and logistics, the heart of the group's reactor, to succeed him. A real surprise. His other son Yannick, now head of Vivendi, confided in early January before the HEC Alumni about the famous date of 2022: "I do not think for a moment that he will go to golf that day and will stay in front of the fireplace. Vincent Bolloré, who likes to define himself as "an upset lizard", will nevertheless gain height and time, after carefully preparing the family succession.

Dynastic vision

Vincent Bolloré, who had taken over the company unexpectedly for a few symbolic francs, associated his children with the life of the company from an early age. "He always had a dynastic vision," says a relative. Transmission to the next generation, he thinks only of that. Arnaud de Puyfontaine, Vivendi's CEO, a highly international manager, familiar with the habits of Anglo-Saxon groups, had to learn the conditions of the exercise of power in the Bolloré family, which Vincent never hid from him: "When I recruited him, I told him that when I left Vivendi, it was Yannick who would succeed me, says the patriarch-president of the supervisory board. And laughing, I even added: "And after, it will be Juliet!" [la fi[…]

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