Why having a 5G smartphone will be useless in France


Samsung then Xiaomi before Huawei. Major global manufacturers are multiplying ads on the sidelines of the annual mobile phone show in Barcelona. On the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), they compete to appear at the forefront of technological innovation. Samsung opened the ball at its February 20 San Francisco conference. The South Korean manufacturer has announced the release of a 5G mobile, with the promise of downloads and connections super-fast. It is expected to come out in the second quarter in the United States with the Verizon operator. Its price will be very important (1.609 euros).

Other manufacturers have followed suit to announce compatible 5G smartphones soon in France. Xiaomi is currently the first manufacturer to market a 5G mobile in France. Its MiMix3, version 5G, should come out in the second quarter of 2019 to 649 euros. Huawei is not left out, launching its ultra-high-end foldable smartphone Mate X at 2.299 euros with also a 5G compatibility. The launch date has not been communicated. Riichard Yu, general manager of the Shenzen-based group's consumer business, said: "This phone is not only for today's 5G but also tomorrow's 5G," saying it was compatible with standards of the first phase of deployment than for the next. A blur still remains on the standards selected for 5G.

Beginning at best in 2020

Still, all his ads will not allow French consumers to actually access the 5G right now. Technology is far from being deployed in France by operators. The 5G frequencies that operators will use in the future have not even been distributed yet. The government is counting on October to launch the call for tenders. The start of the deployment is planned for 2020 … Except that the suspicion of the French authorities towards the use that could be made of[…]

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