Ryanair and Wizz Air fined in Italy


The Italian competition authority on Thursday 21 February fined three million euros to the low-cost airline Ryanair and one million euros to its counterpart Wizz Air for their controversial policy pay cabin cabin. Since 1 November, Ryanair and Wizz Air have been allowing a small bag that can be placed under the seat free of charge in the cabin, requiring an extra charge for small suitcases on board.

"Bad business practice"

The Italian Antitrust reported "an improper commercial practice, in that it misleads the consumer as to the effective price of the ticket by not including in the basic tariff an essential element of the air transport contract which is the + large hand luggage + ". "The investigation has shown that it is in the habits of consumption of almost all passengers to travel with a large amount of hand luggage," the authority said in its statement.

Asked for an extra charge between 5 and 25 euros per baggage, "the two companies have proceeded to an increase in the price of the ticket in a non-transparent way," said the Antitrust, asking Ryanair and Wizz Air to communicate in the 60 days the measures adopted to comply with its decision. The Antitrust, seized by Italian consumer associations, opened an investigation in September and October after the announcements made by these companies. On October 31, she had asked them to suspend their new policy, to no avail.

Claims in Spain

In unveiling its new policy, Irish Ryanair said it wanted to reduce delays in boarding by encouraging more passengers to check in. From his point of view, the delays would consequently be fewer, which would ultimately benefit travelers.

The Hungarian company Wizz Air for its part felt that its new policy was "transparent and fair for all". "Our passag[…]

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