A more convincing, more convincing defense is what Carlos Ghosn is hoping for by switching lawyers from a team led by a former sleuth called "the confessor" to veterans of the defense, one of whom is nicknamed "the innocenteur".

If, initially, defender Motonari Otsuru, ex-prosecutor familiar with the mysteries of the special investigation unit, seemed an asset, the past three months showed that it was not so.

For Mr. Otsuru seemed to lose the fight against the elite prosecutor's office that arrested the former boss on November 19 in Tokyo.

"It would have taken Ghosn from the start to have a lawyer who could fight the investigators, which is not Mr. Otsuru, even though he became a lawyer, he was not at all critical of prosecutors," he said. says AFP lawyer Nobuo Gohara, who is passionate from the beginning for the Ghosn case.

"No benefit"

With the exception of a refusal to extend a second custody, Mr. Otsuru did not score any points. On the contrary, his client was immediately placed under the arrest of a third custody and finally charged three times, the last on January 11, and kept in custody since.

At his only press conference on January 8, the day Mr. Ghosn appeared at his request in court, the lawyer did in fact blush the media when he said, unmoved, that his client risked months of imprisonment before his trial if he persisted in denying the breach of trust of which he is accused.

For lawyer Yasuyuki Takai, former inspector of the special investigative unit who arrested Mr. Ghosn, all the fault is not to be rejected on Me Otsuru.

"I think that Mr. Ghosn, given his character, did not act as his lawyer requested and it was something that was probably difficult for Mr. Otsuru for whom the prerequisite is that the client should "listen" and not the other way around, he analyzes.

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