A player in regional economic development, the Village by CA, with its 29 locations in France, is today the leading support system for start-ups in the regions. In partnership with 500 companies and local players in innovation, the network, which has already supported 600 start-ups, continues to expand in France but also, since 2018, internationally (openings in Milan and Luxembourg).

"The Village by CA network is growing and we have projects in Ukraine, Japan, Poland, Morocco, the United States … By 2020, 15 new villages should emerge," confirms Olivier Chalon, "mayor" of the Village by CA Languedoc.

Cooperate to innovate

With a filling rate of more than 90%, the Village by CA Languedoc is one of the largest in France, after Paris. Since its opening 14 months ago, this accelerator of start-ups in post incubation hosts 16 local nuggets (about 200 inhabitants in the Village) accompanied by 31 partners (Altrad, GGL, IBM, Nicollin, CCI Hérault … ), ambassadors mentors or sponsors bringing their entrepreneurial experience.

"The Village by CA Languedoc is a new expertise serving business development in our region," explains Olivier Chalon. The ambition is to accelerate the commercial development of the young hosted shoots by organizing their networking and facilitating their access to international markets. It is a complementary and non-competitive tool for incubation devices existing in the regions. "

Operating in Open Innovation mode, the Village by CA aims to promote synergies and business opportunities.

"More than 600 hours of coaching (strategy, finance, international marketing …) provided by our 31 partners are available to our start-ups to help them grow. On their side, these nuggets can

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