Yellow Vests are trying to revive the movement


Three days of national debate supposed to appease their anger, tens of thousands of "yellow vests" are again expected Saturday everywhere in France for the act 9 of their challenge against the social and fiscal policy of the government, especially in Paris and Paris. Bourges.

If we still know its magnitude, the mobilization could, according to the head of the national police, return to the level before Christmas: December 15, 66,000 people had been counted in France, according to official figures challenged by the "yellow vests" .

In the capital is announced a demonstration starting at 11:00 from the Ministry of Finance, Bercy, to arrive at 17:00 Place de l'Etoile, at the top of the Champs-Elysees.


Under the slogan "We're going to do the sales in Paris!", This event relayed notably by Eric Drouet, one of the figures of the movement that began two months ago, must notably stop at the Place de la Bastille and on the Grands Boulevards, not far from department stores.

In the early morning, the first yellow vests arrived on the Avenue des Champs-Elysees, in the heart of an ultra-secure perimeter, noted an AFP journalist. A strong police force was already deployed Place de l'Etoile with the presence in particular of four armored wheeled vehicles of the gendarmerie.

"We came to Paris to be heard and we wanted to see at least once with our own eyes what was happening here," said Patrick, 37, from Savoie, the toll of St. Helena on Isere.

Twenty people were arrested Saturday morning in Paris as a result of checks (carrying a prohibited weapon, participation in a group to commit violence), said the police headquarters.

"For me, the big debate is rubbish, we want more talk, we want action," said Charlotte, 34, also from Albertville.

Bourges, new epicenter of the movement

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