aboard the Valeo autonomous car on the roads of Las Vegas


It's not surprising to find Valeo in the immediate vicinity of the Las Vegas Convention Center, where you can visit all the tech giants who came to the Consumer Electronic Show (CES). Gradually, the main world exhibition of new technologies is also needed as the 3rd for the automobile, after that of Paris and that of Geneva. Manufacturers and suppliers are almost all here to present their latest advances in autonomous vehicles, passenger entertainment systems, connectivity with connected objects in the home …

The French group Valeo is no exception. For the first time, he drove out of France his autonomous car with series sensors. Stationed on the parking lot, the Range Roger equipped specifically for American roads, flashy green and black, presents no unusual exterior sign, except what looks like slight reinforcements. The Tribune was able to slip for a few kilometers on the roads of Las Vegas, along with the vice president of the Regional Council of New Aquitaine, Bernard Uthurry. The driver takes the time to "force the decision" and get out of the parking lot on the busy roads of Las Vegas. After a few hundred meters, he starts the autonomous steering of the car with a simple touch of a button. And the steering wheel turns alone, the car stops at the fire … A police officer who seeks to thin the traffic does not notice that he has in front of him an autonomous car. In the cockpit too, difficult to spot when the driver has the hand or not. Bluffing. Arrive a crossing. Will the car let the vehicle that is at the stop sign to the right? "The system is very polite, probably more than me," the driver answers smilingly – still not driving.