Boeing wins on all charts against Airbus


Boeing will have been the winner of the 2018 edition. For the first time in a long time, the American giant has not only won the match of deliveries of aircraft but also that of taking orders, while on this last playground he had often been overtaken by Airbus in recent years.

Despite several large contracts signed in December, the European industrial ended the year with 747 net orders, far behind the 893 announced Tuesday by Boeing. The difference is even greater if we exclude from the Airbus results the 135 A220 orders named after the Canadian Bombardier C-Series, recorded in the Airbus portfolio since it took control of the Canadian program in July .

Boeing's commercial performance surprised

Boeing's commercial performance is a surprise to some experts. Since many orders before were signed the year before and in the absence of new programs, many of them had planned instead a less sustained year, closer to a "book to bill" (ratio between orders and deliveries) of 0.75-0.8 than of 1 as the American finally approached.

Boeing also finishes first in terms of production. The US group reported Tuesday 806 deliveries, 43 more than in 2017. Even if management initially counted on a number of 810 to 815 aircraft, this performance is sufficient to overtake Airbus. The latter delivered 800 aircraft, including 20 A220s. A result that the European group originally intended to achieve without Canadian planes. But the production difficulties encountered by several suppliers, especially engine manufacturers, but also internally in the assembly plant in Hamburg, forced Airbus to review its copy in October.