Greece’s euro-area creditors and the International Monetary Fund failed to resolve their differences over how to ease the country’s debt at a meeting held on the sidelines of the G7 meeting in Whistler, Canada, throwing into question the fund’s role just two months before the euro area’s final crisis-era bailout comes to an end.

The sides didn’t reach a compromise over the measures needed to ease Greece’s debt load, as the Washington-based IMF and euro-area governments led by Germany continue to disagree on the size and scope of relief necessary to ensure Athens can meet future obligations.

Officials said some progress was made in the meeting and talks between the two sides would continue next week. Still, with time running out, the persisting impasse raises questions about whether the fund will be able to activate its dormant credit line for Greece. While IMF cash isn’t needed, disbursing funds would signal to markets that the global financial institution deemed the country’s debt to be sustainable.

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