LAHORE: The Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Saqib Nisar on Sunday told ex-Punjab CM Shehbaz Sharif that he was responsible for the recovery of finances in corruption case against 56 public companies in the province.

Justice Nisar presided over the hearing of sou moto case of corruption in 56 public sector companies and summoned Shehbaz to appear before the apex court. Within a matter of hours, the PML-N supremo presented himself before the bench.

Upon Shehbaz’s arrival, CJP questioned him regarding the unmerited appointments of staff in the 56 companies, while he also objected the profuse salaries granted. “Tell me, why were the staff paid salaries worth Rs2.5 million monthly?” he inquired.

In response, Shehbaz suggested that the companies saved the country from corruption worth billions and that the appointments were purely based on merit.

Justice Nisar, however, did not find Shehbaz’s reply satisfactory and directed him to recover the finances from the company staff or else, the ex-CM will be issued a notice.

Shehbaz requested the court to summon him tomorrow so he could present a detailed report over the issue. To this, the CJP remarked: “We are not here to hold you accountable, there’s a separate body working for the purpose and they must look into it.”

The PML-N head added that if corruption worth even a single penny was proved against him, he was ready to be held accountable.

CJP expressed anger over Shehbaz’s comment and criticised him for “taking it personally”. “Why do you keep talking about yourself? We have summoned you to respond to a specific question, so answer to the point.”

Shehbaz responded: “Was I bitten by a dog that I worked for the welfare and prosperity of the country? If you are not satisfied with my response, then you can announce your verdict.”

Justice Nisar lashed out at Shehbaz again saying that “I do not know what has bitten you, but you should watch your words.”

The ex-CM apologised for his remarks, while he also assured that he would accept the court’s verdict.

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