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We are looking for a fantastic editor to lead our finance team in

If you love to break news and drive major stories forward, then
this could be your dream job.

We want someone who can see the bigger picture. They can find the
biggest stories about the world’s largest banks and they can
interpret key financial data points others may miss.

This position would be perfect for someone who wants to publish
stories like these:

This person will:

  • Coordinate with Business Insider’s global finance team on
    daily news coverage and pre-planned event coverage, such as
    earnings reports, as well as longer-term features and
  • Pitch, develop, and report inside stories about companies,
    their culture, and their executive leadership.
  • Rapidly evaluate and succinctly explain the importance of
    fast-breaking company news, including executive news and leaks.
  • Develop strong sources within the companies and communities.
  • Manage at least two full-time reporters and one full-time

We will consider candidates at various experience levels. The
best candidates will show the following:

  • Great clips as a business reporter, including a mix of
    breaking news and analysis.
  • Strong reporting and writing skills.
  • Experience running a team.
  • An appreciation for Business Insider and what we do well.
  • A desire to work as part of a team in a fast-paced startup

Apply HERE if
interested. Please include your CV and a brief cover letter
telling us why you are perfect for this role. 

The position is full-time in our London office. Business Insider
offers competitive compensation packages complete with

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